Intangible assets are the currency of your business. Looking after your intellectual property not only means getting the right protection, but also working with you to identify and protect new and evolving ideas, leveraging your expertise to solidify your market position, and helping you plan strategies to increase your competitive advantages.

At Blue Penguin IP, we can help you, whether you are carrying out academic research, identifying possible commercial opportunities, in the early stages of commercialisation or well into product development.

We don’t outsource. We search in-house using the Derwent InnovationTM platform with the Derwent World Patents IndexTM (DWPI). Derwent Innovation provides the World’s most comprehensive collection of patent data in English, translated from 30 languages.

We work closely with you to align your IP with your current and future commercial objectives.

We engage with your technology to help you understand your potential patent position and the scope of patent protection you might obtain.

We listen. A carefully crafted patent specification drafted by our technical experts ensures that your research and innovations are fully captured and described in a way that allows you to leverage this asset to your best advantage.

Other people’s patents can be so annoying. We can minimise the pain by helping you assess and understand the risks posed by third party IP rights.

Where’s the value? We can work with you to analyse and assess the quality of IP assets in preparation for investment, sale or acquisition.

Plants are our friends! We can help you obtain exclusive rights to your plant variety in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.

Once you’ve got it, you want to keep it (and not pay a fortune in service fees!) Our renewals team will safeguard your investment by ensuring that your IP rights remain in force.